Diastasis Recti In Men

Yes! Men can develop diastasis recti too! This is NOT simply a women and pregnancy issue. Men suffer from diastasis recti and often go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed as a hernia.

The most common versions for men

The 2 most common presentations of diastasis recti in men are either men who have developed diastasis from poor fitness practices or men who have developed diastasis from chronic collapsed posture and functional core weakness. In both cases, there is an overuse of the outer layers of the abdominal muscles and a neglect and atrophy of the internal corset muscles of the abdominals. As a result, the body is using too much intraabdominal pressure by pushing out on the tummy to brace, stabilize and move which causes an overstretching of the linea albea (the connective tissue that runs right down the abdominal wall).

Regardless of the cause, how long you have had it or even how severe it is,The Tummy team can treat your diastasis recti can be effectively and without surgery.

Functional Core Weakness:

The inability of the muscles of the core to effectively function and support the body for everyday physical demands without pain or dysfunction.
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Signs and symptoms of DR in men

you have a gaping hole in your tummy
a trench or football-shaped bulge down the midline of your belly that sometimes bulges out when doing a sit up or even coughing
Bulging tummy that gets worse with traditional abdominal exercises
flared rib cage or barrel chest
collapsed posture – even if you want to stand or sit tall, you cannot maintain it
thin, weak, and deflated abdominal muscles
back pain (low, mid and even upper back)
overall weakness in your core – affecting your posture, your ability to lift or exercise
feeling like your back or hip could “go out” at any moment (instability)
sciatica, rib pain or diaphragm pain

Check Yourself for a Diastasis

Take 2 minutes to determine if a Diastasis is the root of your symptoms.

Learn more about Diastasis Recti in Men

The Tummy Team has lots of resources to help you to educate yourself on the symptoms, challenges, and treatments for Diastasis Recti in Men.
The Tummy Team uses video to help you quickly find answers and learn solutions aabout Diastasis Recti in Men. Please look through a few of our latest videos or visit our entire library of articles and videos here.

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