Diastasis Recti and Pregnancy

While diastasis is very common during pregnancy, it is not a normal part of pregnancy and left untreated it can cause many complications, pain and lasting dysfunction.

While pregnancy is not the cause of diastasis recti, the changes that occur during pregnancy can contribute to diastasis recti.

Often women enter pregnancy with pre-existing prenatal functional core weakness, poor posture and little connection to their deep core muscles. Then the dramatic expansion of the abdominal wall combined with pregnancy hormones make the midline connective tissue vulnerable to stretching.


Prenatal Functional Core Weakness:

the inability of the muscles of the core to effectively function and support the body for the physical demands of pregnancy, labor, delivery, and birth recovery without pain or dysfunction.

Diastasis recti and functional core weakness are common but not normal.

It is important not to ignore prenatal functional core weakness (may be we have a link to a resource that talks about this) or diastasis recti during pregnancy but to address it with prenatal core training.

A look at Functional Core Weakness & Diastasis Recti during pregnangy


Signs and symptoms of diastasis recti/prenatal functional core weakness

achy weak low back
you could have had very difficult previous deliveries
past pregnancies with poor fetal alignment
your back or pelvis feels like it might “go out” (instability)
you could have achy or sharp pain in your pubic bone
you might have sciatica pain
your pelvic floor might feel weak and unsupportive
you may struggle with constipation and have to bear down quite a bit to go
stop and start (prodromal) labor in the past
you often start showing as soon as you get pregnant

Check Yourself for a Diastasis

Take 2 minutes to determine if a Diastasis is the root of your symptoms.

Learn more about Diastasis Recti During Pregnancy

The Tummy Team has lots of resources to help you to educate yourself on the symptoms, challenges, and treatments for Diastasis Recti in pregnancy and Women.
The Tummy Team uses video to help you quickly find answers and learn solutions aabout Diastasis Recti and Pregnancy. Please look through a few of our latest videos or visit our entire library of articles and videos here.

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