/ December 30, 2022

2023 New Motivation (& Strategies to Create the Discipline to Meet Your Goals)

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What’s YOUR motivation? 

Have you forgotten what really matters? Life feels like a heavy grind right now in so many ways. It is so tempting to throw up your hands and just give up or give in to apathy or complacency. 

Don’t do it! Resist! 

You are important to the world around you. The best version of you is absolutely needed in this world. The Tummy Team is here to remind you of why you can’t afford NOT to do this work and to help you be strong, connected and pain free for the life you were meant to live! 

The Tummy Team is not simply about your tummy.  Yes, we specialize in functional core rehab and yes, we want you to heal your abdominal muscles and rebuild your core strength. But on the journey through this type of rehab, you actually reclaim a lost connection to the deepest part of you at “your core”.  This connection helps you think better, engage better and feel more like the real you.  Your core is so much more than simply a set of muscles for a set of gym exercises.  Your core is what holds you together, grounds you and helps you feel.  It is not vanity to want to reconnect to your body. It is not a luxury to feel strong, pain free and connected. These are essential components of what each of us need to be the best versions of ourselves.  This is ultimately what The Tummy Team is all about.  

So what is keeping you from getting the support you need to heal your core and start your journey back to the best version of you?  We often simply do not realize what we are putting off or missing out on when we are so busy just surviving.  To take a moment to really consider the toll that weakness is having on our lives can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be.  Sometimes we just need some new perspective and a fresh look at what really matters to help us regain our motivation.  Then we need to understand that there is hope!  It can be better! You can be strong and pain free and connected.  

Motivation is the beginning but it is not always enough.  Once you clarify your motivation, you need help to create the discipline and routine to step by step meet your goals.  We all struggle with consistency.  Most of us struggle to make our own self care a priority, and we all have very full and busy lives. So how do we move from motivation to results?  We do it by creating meaningful strategies that insert into our everyday routines to help us step by step meet our goals. The Tummy Team is here to help you be successful.

Every January we take a moment to embrace the new year with a new perspective and a new motivation. In anticipation of my birthday on Jan 22,  I am sharing 21 ways to reclaim your motivation and create the discipline needed to reclaim a strong core for real life!  We are going to help you  jump start the new year with a daily inspiration of what motivates me and a question for you to contemplate to help you identify what really motivates you too and some practical strategies to make it happen!

We are here for you! We want to partner with you and help you reach your goals.  You are not alone. We can do this together!  

Whether you are just starting out on this functional core strength journey or you have been on this road for a while and need a fresh start, join us!  Engage with us every day and commit to investing in the best version of you this year! 

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