Diastasis Recti in Men

diastasis recti in men

The Tummy Team is for men too!

Diastasis recti in men is more common than we think. Read the testimony of a 71-year-old man who healed his diastasis and relieved his pain through our program. David started with a 6 finger wide diastasis and a 38″ belly when we started with him. During the course of only 4 sessions, he completely closed his diastasis, relieved his back pain, and measured only 34″ at on his final appointment. He had been dealing with this for over 8 years!

This is to thank you [Kelly], Gillian, and the entire Tummy Team for the fantastic result I obtained using your program. I hope my results might inspire some others since diastasis recti in men is apparently pretty common.  If a 71-year-old male with a fairly severe diastasis that had persisted for several years can make a full recovery then I would think just about anyone could.

My problem began at least eight years ago and kept getting worse.  My stomach protruded so badly I looked pregnant, not an attractive “look” on a man. I consulted two board-certified plastic surgeons who told me diastasis recti in men could not be helped with exercise and that the only “cure” was surgery. I tended to believe them because the many abdominal exercises I had tried did nothing (why crunches don’t work). It turned out, as I learned from Gillian, that these exercises were exactly the wrong kind to do.

The surgery, however, leaves a large scar, takes months for a full recovery, is quite expensive, has an uncertain outcome and also carries with it the risk of serious infection, among other things. I did some research for diastasis recti in men online and found The Tummy Team.  I was skeptical this would work in my case. It appeared to be effective in younger people, especially postpartum women, but I had doubts it would work in an “antique” like me. Nonetheless, it seemed worth a try, given that the only alternative was major surgery.

Not too long after starting the program with Gillian, I departed on a long world trip that made it more difficult to do the exercises and wear the splint, but thanks to the expert advice Gillian gave me, I was still able to make good progress while traveling. I continued after returning and in less than four months from that point, I first started the program I had complete closure of my diastasis. Now, I can look at myself in the mirror without wincing. I lost four inches around the middle without any loss in weight and have a flat belly again.

It’s amazing and highly gratifying that something I had suffered from for years could be cleared up in just a matter of a few months. The exercises were easy to learn and follow, and the splinting, which I had feared would aggravate my chronic acid reflux, actually seemed to make it better. My chronic back pain has also significantly improved.  I still wear the splint at night simply because it makes me feel more secure and continues to help with the nocturnal reflux.

I can’t thank you enough Gillian. Healing diastasis in men is possible without surgery! To all at the Tummy Team: Keep doing this great and much-needed work.

– David, Vancouver, WA

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