/ April 13, 2023

Top 10 Reasons to do Online Physical Therapy for Core Rehab

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The Tummy Team is a physical therapy clinic in Camas Wa that specializes in Functional Core and Functional Pelvic Floor Rehab and Prenatal Core Training. Due to the extent of our specialty, we have been offering online rehab programs since 2011. Initially, we offered online options to meet the needs of clients who did not have a specialist in their area. However, we have now realized how effective this approach is and we recommend it to clients around the world even when in-person physical therapy is an option. Why? Well, we have a lot of reasons but here are our top 10 reasons we think Online Physical Therapy could be a great option for your Core Rehab…

1) Expertise: The Tummy Team is highly specialized in functional core rehab. We have a unique approach that combines neuro-muscular re-education (the brain-body connection) and functional integration (training the core the way we need to use it all day long). Our rehab approach is unique and extremely effective and does not follow the traditional Physical Therapy model but a more real-life meaningful approach. We have clients meet with us from around the world and do professional training for rehab, fitness and birth professionals as well. Doing our online programs allows you to experience our expertise regardless of where you live.

2) Affordable: With our current medical insurance system, most clients have high deductibles, coinsurance, and copays for physical therapy. An average physical therapist sees clients 2x/week for 6-8 weeks if not longer. Average physical therapy sessions run between $100- $250/session. This adds up. The Tummy Team online programs range from $99-$269. Our most popular online programs include the equivalent of  6-8 individual PT sessions. Online rehab is incredibly cost-effective and affordable.

3) Efficient: Functional core rehab is our specialty and we have consistently refined our approach to give our clients the most effective strategies in the most efficient application. Your time is your most valuable resource so we don’t waste it. You choose the time of day and location that works for you. No driving to appointments, rescheduling your workday or rearranging your schedule to get to PT. Online brings your rehab to you and The Tummy Team approach helps you build your rehab into your real life.

4) Comprehensive: The Tummy Team online programs address much more than just your core muscles. We treat your posture, your upper body and lower body compensation patterns, pain, digestion, pelvic floor function, emotional connection and so much more in each program. Because online is not limited to just the 45 minutes of your clinic session time, we can address more in less time.

5) Convenient: Online physical therapy allows you to pick your time and place to do your rehab. You are not limited by traditional clinic hours so you can watch the videos during your kids naps or after their bedtime. Consistency is what helps you be successful so The Tummy Team offers many ways to add consistency into your everyday life throughout the online courses.

6) Personal: Many of the symptoms of Functional core and pelvic floor weakness are pretty personal in nature. There are times when it is hard or embarrassing to talk openly about all of those struggles. Our therapists do not shy away from those personal topics but address them honestly and professionally so you get the information you need to know in a comforting and helpful way.

7) Private: online physical therapy allows you to address important issues in your body in the privacy of your own home.

8) Fun: The Tummy Team’s style is real, honest and fun. Kelly Dean, MPT, and founder creates videos that are easy to watch, unscripted and even entertaining. We are not afraid of talking about the real issues that we all face and giving you realistic strategies to be successful. We do our best to make rehab fun and not another chore to check off the list.

9) Effective: The Tummy Team has been specializing in Functional Core and Pelvic Floor Rehab and Prenatal Core Training for over a decade and has helped thousands of clients around the world effectively rehabilitate their core and pelvic floor. This is what we do! We are constantly updating our videos and refining our programs to give clients the most up to date and effective rehab process we can. Our online programs are extremely effective.

10) Interactive: Even though our online rehab programs are offered in video format, we give our clients many ways to interact with our therapists and our Tummy Team client community. We offer a ton of support and resources so clients know they are not alone on the journey. In addition, we offer eSessions for clients who want additional 1:1 support and instruction from our physical therapists. You will feel completely supported as you move through your rehab program.

Want more information about The Tummy Team and what we do? We have a ton of information and free resourcesWe would love to help you be strong for the life you were meant to live and to get that strength from the convenience and privacy of your own home. Check out our most popular online core rehab programs to learn more about them.


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