It's time to Restore Your Core

Our mission is to change lives with effective simple strategies that help you reconnect and rebuild your core from the inside out. We specialize in functional core and pelvic floor rehab and treat common but life impacting conditions related to functional core weakness like diastasis recti, back pain, bulging tummies, pelvic floor dysfunction, intestinal issues and so much more.

Kelly Dean brings over 25 years of clinical experience directly to you through realistic strategies, honest education, and constant encouragement to rehabilitate and improve the function of your core so you can be strong, confident and pain free for the life you were meant to live.

The Tummy Team is committed to validating your story, providing relevant, practical education to understand your body, and offering effective solutions to live the life you were meant to live.

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What We Do

Core Rehabiliation

For diastasis recti, postpartum recovery, chronic pain and more.

Prenatal Core Training

For preparing core and pelvic floor muscles for delivery & recovery.

Pelvic Floor Rehab

For incontinence, prolapse, pain with intimacy and more.

Abdominal Surgery Prep

For preparing the core for any kind of abdominal surgery & recovery.

Tummy Safe Fitness™

For individuals pursuing fitness after rehabilitating their core.

Men's Core Rehabilitation

For men with diastasis, back pain, abdominal hernias and more.

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