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How to Have a Strong Birth When You Are on Bed Rest

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The Tummy Team has the opportunity to work with pregnant women around the world with our online Prenatal Core Training Program. Based on years of clinical experience at our Physical Therapy practice in Camas WA we have developed a very effective program so women can systematically prepare their core and pelvic floor for the demands of pregnancy, the coordination needed for birth and for the endurance of birth recovery. This work is so empowering to women and is essential whether this is your first or fifth pregnancy. Check out this amazing story from one of our prenatal clients who strengthened her core for birth while on bed rest!

“I just had to share my Testimony! I just had the most amazing Tummy Team labor and delivery Sunday!! Thank you so much Kelly!”


My husband delivered our baby in the back of our minivan on the way to the hospital. It was a wild and epic experience. We were completely calm, joyful, and prepared because of the Tummy Team prenatal core training!

My Birth story…

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The “TA” muscle is the innermost corset-like muscle that is essential for support and everyday core strength.

Saturday night I had very light, early labor from 1 am to 5:30 am. It was easily managed with belly breathing and movement (and a favorite movie). Active labor kicked in suddenly so I woke up my husband at 5:58 am. I labored upright hard for 30 min then made it to the back of our minivan. This was clutch- we had laid down/folded the seats so I could labor on modified hands and knees on the way to the hospital! I really wanted to be prepped for upright labor in the car and this ended up being crucial.

The contractions were so intense in active labor I couldn’t intentionally engage my TA [transverse abdominis], but I quickly realized the low, deep, fog horn sounds I was making automatically engaged my TA!

Ten minutes into the drive I was complete and we pulled over in a parking lot. I pushed myself up and braced my arms against a folded captain’s chair so I could now use gravity and labor upright on my knees. I had a minute or two break in contractions where I ‘breathed the baby down’ and ‘labored down’ just like Kelly taught. Then I had one more powerful surge and my husband delivered the baby! By God’s grace, we were both perfectly healthy and safe.

Next, my husband drives the rest of the way to the hospital and we were processed like normal people:).

Evelyn Rachel - Bed Rest Blog

It was such an amazing experience! I am so deeply thankful for the training and education that prepared us for this awesome adventure!

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Being on Bed Rest…

I had hyperemesis gravidarum and extreme fatigue my whole pregnancy that forced me to do consistent bed rest and use a wheelchair outside the home. My doctor was very concerned I would need a c-section because I was so weak and had zero endurance. Even walking across my small one-story house was a challenge many days.

I started the prenatal core program with about 6 weeks remaining until my due date. I was shocked to build strength quickly and I felt physically much better as my training progressed even though I was more and more pregnant every day! That’s saying something for your third trimester ‘advanced maternal age’ pregnancy ❤️. This was my 5th pregnancy but I learned tons of new info about labor and delivery from the Prenatal Core Training Tummy Team course.

I practiced belly breathing and upright labor movement/positions for the last 10 weeks of pregnancy about 10 min every night. The training, study, and planning paid off big time!!

Birth Recovery Update…

Nursing Throne - Bed Rest BlogNot only that, but I am now 1 week postpartum and I feel great. I am used to tons of back pain in these newborn weeks due to poor parenting postures. I have been leveraging the recovery/posture training and it has made an incredible difference!!

I have to add I bought a full back support for my nursing throne. I use it inverted on my rocker glider and it feels wonderful!

Here is a picture of my “Nursing Throne”: Boppy pillow, breast friend pillow, upside down full-back support pillow, small side table, water bottle, snacks, timer, Bible, glider rocker, stool for little ones to sit and read books with me, all nestled in the master bedroom closet while we co-sleep for a bit. Just imagine a nursing mom stuffed inside all those pillows with a newborn on top of it all like the princess and the pea ?. It might not be pretty but it works amazingly! No more pain with nursing!

Thank you Tummy Team!! Thank you to my dear friend for telling me about this outstanding resource!!

Learn more about how to set up your Nursing Throne here.


The Tummy Team specializes in prenatal core training and can help you prepare physically for birth whether you are on bed rest during pregnancy or not! Birth is one of the most challenging physical events in your life, we want to give you the tools to be strong, pain-free and totally prepared. Check out our 3 online Prenatal Core Training courses.

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