/ October 25, 2021

21 Day Meaningful Movement Challenge

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Join us this November for our 21 Day Meaningful Movement Challenge!

The Tummy Team is passionate about functional core strength. Essentially we want you to be strong, stable and pain free from your core to be able to live the life you love. We specialize in functional core rehab and helping clients worldwide effectively rehabilitate core conditions like diastasis recti, low back pain, pelvic instability, pelvic prolapse, stress incontinence and so much more.  But beyond rehab, our ultimate goal is to provide long lasting lifestyle strength that helps you be strong and pain free in everything you do. Our approach is more than a series of exercises or stretches, it has much more to do with creating confident movement patterns and a connected core that we help you integrate into all the big and small things of your life.  It is about implementing meaningful movement at its core!

To celebrate and support this type of functional core strength, we are inviting you to join us for a 21 day Meaningful Movement Challenge.  

What is Meaningful Movement?

Meaningful movement is any movement that you do throughout the course of your day that you intentionally employ good posture, optimal body alignment and a strong and connected core. We often refer to this in our rehab process as functional integration: integrating the core strong strategies into everyday function/action. 

Meaningful movement can include anything from how you lift your kids, to how you rake the leaves in your yard or how you choose to exercise.  Or meaningful movement  can be a simple stretch, taking the opportunity to reset your posture, a few belly breaths or to even just an intentional moment of rest. 

Why a 21 day Challenge?

Several reasons:

  1. Consistency is the single most significant component of success in the core rehab journey.  
  2. We are all more consistent with community, encouragement and accountability.  
  3. It takes 21 days to create a new mindset/habit/muscle memory.
  4. The first 21 days of November are the lead up to the holiday season. It can be very busy. Taking a few minutes to be intentional about how you move can make an impact on how your body is prepared for the upcoming holidays and family events. 
  5. Our annual Thankful Sale starts on Nov 22nd this year, the day after we complete this challenge :).  If this challenge makes you aware of some lingering functional core weakness, this sale will be the perfect time to invest in your functional core strength goals!

How can you participate?

  • Simply follow our Facebook or Instagram page to see our daily Meaningful Movement posts and engage by liking and commenting. 
  • Share a photo (it can be of you, or of your surroundings or even a screenshot of Kelly in one of our course or YouTube videos) doing a stretch, strategy, posture, functional integration activity or core safe fitness move that you are committed to implement that day on your own social media page/story and make sure to tag @TheTummyTeam
  • Use the hashtags  #TheTummyTeam  #21DayMeaningfulMovement 
  • Do your best to implement meaningful movements and post everyday for 21 days.


For a bit of extra encouragement and support we will be doing 6 outstanding GIVEAWAYS over the course of the 21-day challenge.  Every Wednesday and Friday, we will randomly choose a post over the past week as our giveaway winner. Weekly winners will get to choose from the following gift options: Tummy Team swag, an abdominal rehab splint, belly balm, an amazon gift card, or a 50% off course coupon.

Grand Prize Winner: Any participants that post on all 21 days will be entered to win a grand prize including a free Tummy Team rehab course, a splint, and belly balm OR Core Smart Fitness Course with a $30 Amazon Card to help get the fitness equipment to implement. 

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to participate with us starting November 1!