/ August 21, 2015

No Finish Line

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No Finish Line

Many of the clients we see at The Tummy Team are desperate for help. They have lived with their physical pain and their emotional scarring for a long time. Perhaps they stumbled upon us right after their problems arose; but for many of our clients, this is their last hope after many failures to fix what they have been dealing with. (To see what kinds of problems our core rehab can solve, click here). Once they realize this may be the solution they’ve been looking for, they get ahead of themselves and put a timeline to their journey.

Yes, our online core rehab programs are six and eight weeks but that is just the beginning of your journey. We teach you how the body works, how to listen to it and then what to do about the problems you are having. Core weakness that has taken years to develop is not going to be completely restored in eight weeks. A large diastasis due to traumatic births or improper exercises may not completely close in three or even six months when you have lived with it for years.

Our goal is to help you be your best. We want you to restore your core, relieve your pain and reclaim your true self. Setting goals can be great for motivating and documenting your progress, but when you are looking at changing your life…there really is no finish line. We teach and we give tools for the rest of your life, not six or eight weeks of your life.

Our tip for long term success would be to shift your thinking. There is no finish line. Instead, you are making constant adjustments for the life you want to live. Every change you are making is an investment in your future. Your body will heal. Now focus on how you want to take care of this temple you have to live in and you may be surprised at how your perspective changes.

The Tummy Team has helped thousands of clients locally and internationally with their comprehensive online core rehab programs. The core is the foundation for all your movement all day long. If you are struggling to really connect to your core, let us help you. Check out our online courses HERE or click the images below to preview our most popular programs.

Diastasis Recti

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