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    I cannot say enough good things about the Tummy Team.

    You don't have to be pregnant, post partum, or a woman to see huge benefits...If you have back pain, can't maintain good posture, have diastasis recti, pelvic floor issues, can't seem to do regular core exercises without pain, or otherwise suspect you have core weakness, check out the Tummy Team - you won't regret it!

    Katie G

    The Tummy Team was truly concerned with me.

    The Tummy Team was thorough and truly concerned about me. I began to experience improvement quickly under Kelly's care.

    Bryan F

    I enjoyed working with Kelly.

    I have so enjoyed working with Kelly Dean to heal a significant diastasis recti, regain mobility in my hips and reduce lower back pain. I especially love how the exercises and focus are on regaining the ability to live the life we are meant to. It's not about the workout so much as it is to live without pain and be able to function in real life situations.

    Sarah B


    I have been a client of the Tummy Team twice now...

    once for the diastasis recti after the birth of my second child and then later for core rehab after I donated a kidney. I greatly appreciated Kelly's exercises and knowledge. She was helpful, open, gracious, inviting, and very comforting.

    Elizabeth M