The Connection between the core and the pelvic floor

Here Kelly talks about how the core & pelvic floor are more similar and connected than you may realize.   Your core muscles support your organs, stabilize your spine, align your pelvis and connect your upper body and lower body. A strong core helps with postures, intestinal tract function, respiratory function, reproductive function and pain free full movement of the arms and legs. When the core is weak and inactive all of these areas are compromised. Diastasis Recti is a stretched separation of the abdominal wall that keeps the core from functioning optimally and can allow your organs to push forward, contributing to a bulging tummy and increasing the risk of a hernia. In addition, this overall Functional Core Weakness also contributes to digestive tract issues, menstrual cycle issues, (prostate issues in men) and pelvic floor problems for men and women. As you can imagine, pregnant and postpartum women tend to be more susceptible to developing Diastasis Recti due to the extreme stretching of the abdominal wall combined with the effect of relaxin hormones on the connective tissue that occurs during pregnancy but anyone can struggle with functional core or pelvic floor weakness.

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