Why men get Diastasis Recti

In men - we typically see a few pretty consistent scenarios that lead to Diastasis Recti:
  1. Men who have done a lot of situps, crunches, crossfit or traditional exercises in which they have done A LOT of forward-bending exercises which leads to the overdevelopment of the outer most abdominal muscles (those quintessential “washboard abs”) without the balance and strength of the internal muscle.
  2. Bracing, pushing, or holding their breath due to chronic constipation, chronic respiratory problems that include a lot of coughing, lifting with poor posture and poor strategies that causes a forward forceful pressure strategy.
  3. Men with very tight upper body/pectoral muscles due to sitting for long periods of time (working at a computer, driving, etc.) which then causes their ribs to flare when they stand putting their connective tissue in a VERY compromised and stretched position.
Watch Kelly Dean, MPT, founder and functional core specialist at The Tummy Team talk more about why men get Diastasis Recti.

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