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Why Splint?

The Tummy Team recommends an
abdominal splint alongside our rehab
programs to help progress healing
and reconnection to the core.

See what a splint can do for you.

The Tummy Team splint was a lifesaver! Splinting gave me the awareness I needed start rebuilding my core. - Kim

Benefits of Using an Abdominal Rehab Splint

FAQ's for Abdominal Rehab Splinting

An abdominal splint is a medical-grade, non-constricting support that reinforces the corset of the body. When worn properly, it helps pull together and stabilize the two sides of the abdominals to allow healing, reconnection, and support for the core, spine, and abdominal organs.

Can I use a splint without a program?
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Can I do a rehab program without a splint?
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Will a splint help heal my diastasis recti?
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Should I splint even if I don’t have diastasis recti?
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How much of the day is splinting recommended?
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How long should I use a splint for?
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Should I splint at night?
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Is it safe to splint with pelvic prolapse symptoms?
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What are the guidelines for splinting after a cesarean or abdominal surgery?
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Can I splint while I am pregnant?
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Choose a Splint

I tried many different splints and belly binders, and they all drove me crazy. I invested in The Tummy Team splints and started their core rehab program, and I am finally seeing results. - Abby