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Wholesale Abdominal Splints

The Tummy Team has a wide selection of
medical grade abdominal splints to meet
the various needs of your clients.

Order our splints for your office now.

Wholesale Tummy Team Abdominal Splints

Having splints available at your office or clinic can help your clients experience the benefits of splinting immediately, and gives you as a clinician the ability to fit them for the proper splint for their body shape and needs.

We offer about 40% off retail price on our abdominal rehab splints when purchased in quantities of 12 or more at a time, in  any variety of sizes. Below is a list of our splints and the belly sizes each splint typically fits. For more detailed splinting information review our extensive splinting section of the website.

When you are ready to order, simply head to our online store to add the desired splints to your cart. Once you have added a minimum of 12, the discount is automatically applied. *Shipping is already included in the cost.

Splint Types and Sizes

2-Panel Splint – Height 6”
XS (20”–28”)
S (28”–38”)
L (38”–48”)

*3-Panel Splint – Height 9”
(*for prenatal or postpartum use)
S (28”–38”)
L (38”–48”)
XL (45″ – 60″)

*4-Panel Splint – Height 12”
(*for prenatal or postpartum use)
S (28 –38”)
L (38”–48”)
XL (45”–60”)


Important Sizing Considerations:

  • The splints measure at a variety of heights. If your client measures between heights, opt for the shorter.
  • Unless the belly measurement is within 1 inch of the smaller size, do not consider the smaller size.
  • If pregnant, the client must decide whether they are purchasing a splint for prenatal or postpartum use. Rarely will the same splint work for both.  If measuring for use while pregnant, measure the height over the front of the belly to choose between the 3 or 4 panel splint.
  • If belly measurement is close to the bigger size and the client still has several weeks left in the pregnancy, opt for the larger size.
  • To determine postpartum size, subtract 2-4 inches.