/ January 18, 2018

Have You Settled for Less Than the BEST LIFE?

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“Common is not the same as normal.” We say this every day at The Tummy Team. Sadly, so many of the clients we work with have settled for less than their best life because they have accepted their symptoms as normal consequences of having children or getting older.

In many cases, clients have already attempted all the typical things: weight loss, couch to 5K, extreme fitness programs, dramatic diet changes, traditional physical therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture and more. Clients do see some changes from these endeavors, but nothing that truly impacts how they live their day to day lives. Is it possible you have settled for less and accepted daily pain, fatigue or dysfunction as “normal”?

We asked our clients to make a list of the telltale signs that you’ve settled for less than the best life for yourself. Why don’t you answer these questions for yourself?

  • Do you avoid doing things due to pain?
  • Do you sit on the bench instead of playing with your kids?
  • Are you too self-conscious to get into a swimsuit so you avoid getting in the pool with your family?
  • Do you have to wear a diaper/absorbent pad to play sports or run due to pelvic floor weakness?
  • Are you scared to sneeze with a full bladder?
  • Do you grab a pillow to put over your stomach when you sit on the couch?
  • Do you avoid picking up or carrying your kids because your back hurts?
  • Are you unable to sit on the floor because your sciatica will flare up?
  • Do you avoid intimacy because “things just don’t feel right down there”?
  • If something falls on the floor, do you hesitate or avoid picking it up for fear of putting your back out?
  • Do you avoid long car trips or travel because of pain or fatigue?
  • Do you feel frumpy, weak, disconnected and frustrated when you try something new?

If you said yes to even one of these questions, it means you’ve accepted common as normal and have settled for less than the best life for yourself.

The good news is that we can help. And it’s more achievable than you think. The Tummy Team specializes in helping people retrain their bodies for the real physical demands of their real life. Can you just imagine if all the questions you said “yes” to were actually “no’s”?! What could you do? More importantly, how would you feel? Strong? Confident? Fearless?

Our passion is to help you be strong for the life you were meant to live. Consider retraining your body to meet the demands of your life through one of our comprehensive online programs, or through 1-1 core training in an eSession with Kelly Dean. Don’t settle any longer. It’s time to live your best life.