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On-Site Core Training

We would love to work with you
in person. Whatever the root of
your core weakness, The Tummy
Team can help.

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Clients are usually seen between 3–6 sessions in our clinic. We recommend these sessions be scheduled 1-2 weeks apart to allow time to absorb new information and give your body time to build strength for the next step in your journey.

Prenatal clients are generally seen up to 3 sessions prior to delivery, and 2-3 sessions postpartum. We recommend scheduling your first session after the first trimester. When scheduling postpartum, we recommend at least 4 weeks after delivery.

*Your physical therapist will make suggestions for you if you need to be seen more based on your individual needs.

Please see our cancellation/refund policy prior to scheduling your appointment.

Call 360.952.CORE to make an appointment

What You Will Experience

Your Tummy Team therapist will:

  • Ask about your profession, medical background, injury history and any concerns to understand your life’s demands. If you are a mother, we’ll also ask about your past birthing experience.
  • Evaluate muscle imbalances and daily life requirements to develop a step-by-step treatment plan that will address your unique needs.
  • Educate in the benefits of abdominal splinting.
  • Give specific strategies for you to be successful and provide you with detailed instructions and handouts for each week.
  • Train you in core exercises and alignment retraining, and provide everyday strategies for rebuilding your functional core strength.

If preparing for labor, your therapist will also: 

  • Work with you to retrain coordination of internal core and pelvic floor muscles for daily activities and specifically for labor, delivery, birth recovery and newborn care.
  • Assist in preparing a birth plan and postpartum recovery plan.
  • Give instruction in biomechanics for initial parenting postures (nursing, changing station and sleeping arrangements).

Insurance and Billing

Payment is required at the time of booking so please have your credit card information available when you call to schedule. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Initial Evaluation: $150

Your first session is 60 minutes and includes an evaluation and your initial core rehab instruction.

Follow Up Appointments: $100

Subsequent sessions range from 45–60 minutes based on your needs. During these sessions, you and your physical therapist will continue to work on core strengthening exercises, train you in the functional use of your core and set you up for an ongoing core-strong lifestyle.

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