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General FAQ

Q: I had my children years ago. Am I too old for a Tummy Team program?
A: No, it is never too late to rebuild your core! A diastasis can be repaired no matter how long it has been since it was created.

Q: I am not sure if I have a diastasis, but I know my abdominals and back are weak. Is a Tummy Team program right for me?
A: Yes, you may have a diastasis and not know it. Most people are completely unaware of this condition and the symptoms it causes. Even if you don’t need diastasis repair, we can help you rebuild your internal core and train you to use it. Please see our Why Core Rehab page for the symptoms and conditions we can address.

Q: I do not live near The Tummy Team. Who can help me?
A: We can! Unfortunately, many health care and rehabilitation professionals do not know how to address core weakness. That’s we created several comprehensive online training programs. We also offer one-on-one eSessions with a core rehabilitation specialist for even more personalized instruction. Please see our Online Core Training page for all the options.

Q: How long will it take to heal my diastasis?
A: Diastasis healing times vary by person and depend on two things: The depth and width of the diastasis and how effectively you implement with your Tummy Team program. We see most clients 3–6 times, 1–2 weeks apart.

Q: Once I close my diastasis, can I do sit-ups, crunches, and Pilates?
A: No. The shearing and pressure of these movements counteracts their strength benefits. But, we’d love to customize for you a safe fitness regimen that builds your strength without wreaking havoc on your core.

Q: Will a Tummy Team program relieve my lower back pain?
A: Most likely. The No. 1 response of clients in our programs is relief from lower back pain. A strong core does a great job of taking pressure of your back. We’ll show you how!

Q: The Tummy Team used to offer group classes. Will there be more?
A: Unfortunately, no. To give our clients the personalized attention they require, we really feel that one-on-one online and on-site training sessions are most effective. Please see our Online Core Training page and are On-Site Core Training page for all the options.

Q: Do you provide DVDs or other ways to do the program at home?
A: While we don’t provide DVDs, we do offer online core training and eSessions with a core rehabilitation specialist for even more personalized instruction. which are far more comprehensive than a DVD and can be tailored to each client. Please see our Online Core Training page for full details.

Q: Why is there limited access to the online programs?
A: This information is set up as course that takes you step by step through the core rehab process. The effectiveness of the program is due in part to the accountability and structure of the programs. Each piece builds on the previous training, allowing the body the ideal amount of time to build strength before taking on more. There are two extra weeks of access built into the programs for grace, and we offer a four-week extension for $39.

Q: How is The Tummy Team’s approach different than other core programs?
A: The Tummy Team programs were developed by physical therapist Kelly Dean, who personally healed her core with this approach. It is based on the neuromuscular retraining of the core. More than simple exercises and protocols, our programs support the optimal function of the body and were designed for use in real life.

Q: Do you accept medical insurance?
A: Due to the time strains and restrictions of the current medical insurance system, The Tummy Team is in-network with only Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield and a few additional Blue Cross insurance policies. Please contact our office to see if we accept yours. We do offer a discount to those paying in cash. Additionally, we can bill your flexible spending account and will provide medical receipts for those seeking insurance or health savings account reimbursement.

Pregnancy-Related FAQ

Q: At what stage of my pregnancy should I start a Tummy Team program?
A: We recommend you start during your second trimester, after nausea has passed and you have a bit more energy. You’ll want at least six weeks before you due date to train your abdominals and pelvic floor for labor, delivery, and recovery. The more time you have the stronger you will be. However, if you must start later, attending even one session prior to delivery is beneficial.

Q: When do I start the core exercises after delivery?
A: With our safe postpartum regimen, it is safe to slowly start back as soon as 24 hours after delivery. This healing process will help you connect with and care for yourself and your baby. That said, be a mom first, and enjoy that baby!

Q: Can I get pregnant again with a diastasis?
A: It is recommended to make your diastasis smaller before getting pregnant again. However, if you do get pregnant and have a diastasis, it is best to start doing the exercises right away to keep the diastasis from getting larger.

Q: What if I have a C-section?
A: With a planned C-section, strengthening your abdominals during pregnancy will reduce recovery time. It will also give you the “muscle memory” to more easily do the exercises after the birth. During your Tummy Team program, we’ll teach you about C-section recovery, including scar mobilization. Please see our Online Core Training page for more on postpartum core rehab.

Online Program FAQ

Q: Can I share the program with a friend or family member?
A: No. Program pages are password-protected and may only be accessed by paid Tummy Team Members. Please encourage them to sign up! We cherish your referrals and appreciate your honesty.

Q: Can I skip ahead in the program?
A: Not if you want to be truly successful. Core Foundations and Prenatal Core Foundations are set up on a gradual content drip, and our system shows you when you have access to new content on your “my access” page. Core Integrations is self-paced. Whatever your program, we highly recommend you give your body a full seven days to perform each step. The healing process works more effectively when you build each step on top of the previous.

Q: I ordered a splint. When will it arrive?
A: In 3–7 days if within the US.  International shipping is completely dependent on the customs in your country. Sometimes international shipping arrives within a week but sometimes it is longer and out of our control. Occasionally we are backordered in a specific splint or style and in those cases we will notify you via email if your splint is going to take longer than our standard shipping estimations.

Q: Is it too late to order a splint?
A: If you did not order an abdominal splint, but feel you may need one after watching the first set of videos or anytime in your program, you order one on our Tummy Team Store and we will ship it right away.

Q: I’m having trouble playing the videos. What should I do?
A: If you experience difficulty playing the videos, please clear your cache and browser history. If you have a slower Internet connection, you may need to let the videos play through once on mute before you are able to play them without skipping.

Q: I am behind on my videos and worried I may run out of time?
A: We have 2 weeks of grace access built into the end of the program for this reason. If you need longer time at the end of your program, you can go to our Tummy Team store and purchase a 4 week extension for $39. This extension is manually set up by our staff so will not instantly appear in your access but may take 1-3 business days to set up.

Q: How do I know when or if I need a Skype session?
A: The online programs are very comprehensive but we still recommend a Skype session with one of our Core Rehab professionals at least 1 time during your program. We recommend this at about 3-4 weeks into the program so we can help you prioritize and individualize the program to your specific needs. If you are experiencing any thing not explained in the program, you have a complicated history or just feel overwhelmed or unsure, do not give up, schedule a Skype. We can help you.

Q: How do I ask questions about the programs?
A: The best place is on our Private Tummy Team Facebook Forum. Our staff is on there nearly every day and there are hundreds of clients who are in this journey as well that can answer questions and give support. It is a confidential forum and you can ask very specific questions there, plus everyone benefits from the answers of your questions. You can also purchase and schedule a Skype and get a therapists 1:1 input. Or you can contact us through our contact page (give us several days to respond, please) or if your question feels more urgent you can call our office 360-952-CORE. Bottom line, nothing we do in our programs should cause sharp or increased pain. If you are experiencing this, please stop and contact us in one of the ways above and let us help you.