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Tummy Team Trained

Become professionally trained in
The Tummy Team Core Rehabilitation
approach and help men and women
near you restore their core.

Professional Core Rehabilitation Training Program

Become a Certified Tummy Team Trained Practitioner™

One of the many passions of Kelly Dean, MPT and The Tummy Team has always been to share knowledge and improve core rehabilitation treatment options worldwide. While our approach is specific to the scope of practice for physical therapists, the teaching of The Tummy Team can be implemented within a diverse array of practitioners including, but not limited to:

  • Chiropractors
  • Midwives, doulas and obstetricians
  • Exercise physiologists, kinesiologists and fitness instructors
  • Naturopathic physicians
  • Massage therapists
  • General physicians and surgeons

How would this training work within my scope of practice?

Our desire is to provide comprehensive education and then encourage practitioners to implement the components that support their scope of practice. In most cases, practitioners do not have the time to provide full core rehabilitation or prenatal core training in addition to the other services they are providing the client. So Tummy Team Trained Practitioners™ can have their clients participate in our online programs but meet with them individually throughout their program to provide hands on, personalized instruction. This approach allows The Tummy Team to provide the bulk of the content so the practitioner can focus on the individual needs of each client with less clinic time invested.

In other cases, some practitioners will want to walk the client through the whole core rehab experience as we do at The Tummy Team. This training will support that approach as well by providing the Tummy Team Trained Practitioner™ with all the resources to be effective. In the end, our hope is to provide valuable education that will improve the global need for core rehabilitation specialists, as well as improve the standard of practice when addressing diastasis recti and other needs of the core. See how our training could benefit your specific practice here.

Initial Training Requirements

Becoming Tummy Team Trained

  1. Personally experience core rehabilitation by working in person with The Tummy Team -OR- participating in the the Core Foundations online program.
  2. Complete Comprehensive Core 1 and pass the test with 90% or better.
  3. Shadow/apprentice with Kelly Dean at The Tummy Team in Camas, WA – OR – if restricted by distance, schedule a series 3-5 of Skype training sessions with to problem solve case studies and test knowledge. The amount of time required for apprenticeship is dependent on skill level of clinician. It is important for The Tummy Team to be confident they are represented well and that the skills are consistent with all Tummy Team Trained Practitioners™  *Hours spent in training are eligible for CE credits in some licensing agencies. 
  4. If the practitioner will be working with prenatal clients they must also complete our Prenatal Core Training online program as well as Importance of Core Strength in the Prenatal and Postpartum Client CEU Online Course.

Benefits of Being a Tummy Team Trained Practitioner™

  • Eligible for monthly membership which includes full access to all relative Tummy Team Online Programs and use of Tummy Team Pre-Appointment Education Videos
  • Unique promo code for your clients to enroll in Tummy Team online programs at 50% off
  • Access to a private clinician forum to ask questions and collaborate with other specialists on case studies and further training
  • Quarterly interactive online professional training webinars with Kelly Dean, MPT and ongoing support from our staff to help you meet your needs
  • Access to The Tummy Team patient education handouts and documentation forms.
  • Promoted on The Tummy Team website as a certified Tummy Team Trained Practitioner™ with a small bio and contact information
  • The ability to promote yourself as a Tummy Team Trained Practitioner™
  • The option to purchase abdominal  rehab splints at wholesale prices
  • Discounts on new continuing education courses and materials as they are developed

Commitment Agreement

  • Once the requirements have been met, the practitioner will sign a 1 year contract to abide by The Tummy Team’s standards of practice
  • Tummy Team Trained Practitioners™ will be required to pay $99/month (set up on a recurring payment plan) for 12 months to receive these benefits: video access, their unique promo code, access to the private forum, promotion on Tummy Team website and ongoing online training with Kelly Dean, MPT
  • If the practitioner chooses to not continue after the 12 months, they will no longer receive the above benefits, but are free to use their training as they feel best for their practice
  • Only practitioners  that are in regular contact and ongoing training with The Tummy Team are allowed to use The Tummy Team’s name, logo, videos or likeness

Let's Get Started!

We would love to get to know you and learn about your professional needs. You can contact Kelly Dean, MPT and founder of The Tummy Team to discuss what specific training plan will benefit you the most. You can email Kelly at info@thetummyteam.com. We look forward to working with you!