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Apprenticeship Program

Become professionally trained
in The Tummy Team Core
Rehabilitation approach and
implement it in your practice.

About Our Apprenticeship Program

Our desire is to improve the clinical treatment of functional core weakness and diastasis recti around the world. The Tummy Team has developed a unique, comprehensive and effective approach to treating core weakness, and we want to partner with you so your practice and your clients can benefit from our resources and expertise. This apprenticeship program is designed to propel you to become an Endorsed Tummy Team Trained Practitioner
To do this, we have designed a completely customizable apprenticeship program that is affordable and accessible for a variety of practitioners, including but not limited to:

  • Physical Therapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Midwives, doulas, and obstetricians
  • Exercise physiologists, kinesiologists and fitness instructors
  • Naturopathic physicians
  • Massage therapists
  • General physicians and surgeons

How Does it Work?

Based on your scope of practice and education needs, we design a 3-12 month apprenticeship contract for you, with a monthly payment plan that matches your education needs and makes the training process affordable.

Most contracts will range between $49- $129/month depending on extent of training included and length of contract. This monthly fee includes:

  • Access to all applicable online rehab courses
  • Access to all required CEU courses
  • Various eSessions for Clinical Coaching
  • Quarterly Training Webinars with Current Tummy Team Trained Practitioners
  • Client Education Index Cards to use in your practice (a $349 value!)


As a part of your apprenticeship contract, you will work with clients in your practice and present case studies during your professional eSessions. You will also be required to answer relevant questions on our Private Member Forum so we can assess your knowledge level and help coach you in your training.

The Apprenticeship Program is required to become an endorsed Tummy Team Trained Practitioner™. 

What happens at the end of my contract?  
When your apprenticeship ends, you are officially eligible to sign a new contract as an endorsed Tummy Team Trained Practitioner™ and receive the many benefits included. If you chose not to, you are welcome to use your training as you deem best for your practice, so long as it does not infringe on The Tummy Team’s proprietary rights.

Contact Us to Get Started!

If you are interested in our Apprenticeship Program, send us a message to discuss a specific training plan.


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