Prenatal Core Training Testimony

prenatal core training testimony

The Tummy Team can help with a variety of problems after they arise – diastasis recti, pelvic floor issues, chronic pain, abdominal hernias, intestinal issues and more (you can view a detailed list of symptoms related to core weakness here). But we also specialize in preparing for labor to keep these problems from happening, or at least minimize the possibility of existing problems worsening. But don’t take our word for it. Read the stories of real clients who experienced real relief. Below is the testimony of a mom who came to us during the pregnancy of her fifth child for healing and to prepare for a better labor and recovery experience with our Prenatal Core Training program…

After my fourth labor, I knew something had to change. My first labor was textbook and beautiful. With my second baby, I carried him so low that during labor, I had to lean back into my husband during each contraction. He would help me lift my uterus so the baby could come back into a better position to be born (because with how he was originally lying, it would be impossible for him to be born). My third baby was an emergency c-section at 25 weeks. My fourth baby was also carried low, and he was asynclitic and my most difficult baby yet.Earlier this year, I found out that our fifth baby was expected.  We were excited and I put labor out of my mind until someone in a Facebook group I’m on mentioned diastasis recti.  Several in the conversation recommended The Tummy Team, and I exchanged a few messages with one person who had gone through their rehabilitation program and decided to check it out for myself.  I gave [them] a call and gave her my brief history…and decided to do the prenatal program. I started it at about 19 weeks pregnant. I’m in week five now of the six-week program and it has been worth every penny. The videos each week build seamlessly onto the videos and information from the previous weeks. It seemed at first that I was starting out slowly, and I wondered how those “little” exercises could help me in the long term, but now that I’m nearly done with the program, I’m seeing how important taking the time to have a solid early foundation is.

Each week has handouts that are helpful in keeping track of each day’s exercises and in being a reminder for what to do throughout the day. They also have a picture/text description of that week’s exercises, to help be a reminder if you’re not in a position to re-watch the videos. The videos are some serious meat and potatoes. They are so full of information that I had to watch some of them multiple times. Kelly is very easy to listen to and has a knack for explaining things in a way that is a perfect mix of scientific terms and everyday language. She also fully demonstrates each exercise within the videos and encourages the participant to try out that particular exercise right there while they’re watching the video. I found that immensely helpful in getting the information to “stick” so I could practice it throughout the week.Midway through the program, I also had a Skype session with Kelly which was very helpful. She was able to give me some additional “in-person” tips after watching me do a couple of the exercises, to help me move forward in the program. I’m 24 weeks now and I don’t look any “more” pregnant now than I did at about 13 weeks. With my previous pregnancies, I got tired of “sucking it in” as my baby and belly got larger and heavier and I would just “let it all hang out.” Since I was letting my abdominal muscles chronically relax, they got weak over time and they couldn’t properly hold my babies up when I needed them to. I feel stronger and more aligned this time. It is a lot of hard work, but it will be worth it in the end.

You don’t have to let your body go after having children and you deserve to be adequately prepared for your labor experience. Let us help you today.

The Tummy Team has helped thousands of clients locally and internationally with their comprehensive online core rehab programs. The core is the foundation for all your movement all day long. If you are struggling to really connect to your core, let us help you. Check out our online courses HERE or click the images below to preview our prenatal programs.


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