The Tummy Team Journey

A Journey to Becoming One with Myself Again

About this episode

Join Kelly as she interviews online client Heather from upstate NY as she shares her personal journey through Core Foundations and Floor of Your Core on a mission to reconnect with body. Heather realized she had been holding on to birth trauma for years and as a teacher during the pandemic realized she internalized stress and disconnected from her body to power through life. Core Foundations helped her to reconnect and recharge so she could be there for her family and herself moving forward. Join us as she shares her experience.

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Do you have a Tummy Team story to share?

You don't have to be perfect or even done with your journey to have something powerful to share. We want to share your story. We all learn from one another and can be encouraged to learn we are not alone on this journey to heal and be strong for the lives we were meant to live.

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