/ December 30, 2016

The “Done!” List

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It starts right after Thanksgiving – things to do, presents to buy, cards to be addressed, groceries, festive décor, parties, events…and that’s even not including the activities the kids are involved in.

Towards the end of the year, there is a tendency to think about the things we didn’t do. Hopefully, we will complete those goals. Next year. Maybe. And so we make lists. Wishlists for Christmas, to-do lists for events, and after that, a resolution list for next year.

About this time, some of you might also be finishing up one of our core rehabilitation programs. Some of you may be graduating from your second or third Tummy Team program. A lot of you are probably starting to think about what you have accomplished and think about other things you want to do to tackle your concerns.

How do you actually feel about that?

When clients have completed a series of core and/or pelvic floor rehab sessions, we talk about how they can progress into a core and pelvic floor safe lifestyle. Most of the time, clients are excited about feeling stronger and more connected. However, a handful of clients struggle with their newly formed abilities. Healing from dysfunction can sometimes lead to awareness of other issues that will need to be addressed. Some the problems may have been present for a long time and was ignored because they did not know how to deal with it. That can become overwhelming.

As a result, wish lists, to-do lists, and resolution lists are formed. Unfortunately, I have noticed that too often, wish lists are made based on what we are lacking. To-do lists outline what we did not accomplish. We make resolutions because of what we hate and want to change. This comes from a place of shame and guilt. No wonder it is so hard to stay on course!

As an alternative, I challenge you to make a DONE list.

What are the things you have done this year that you are proud of? What are the things you can now do after finishing your program? What are the things you now have that you don’t want to change? You will probably find that there is more truth to your done list than your wish list.

With this information, go ahead and make an action plan to protect your accomplishments, being confident and trusting the hard work and time you have put in to come this far. Now, you can make choices based on the value of your health, not based on pain, fear, and desperation.

This is cause for celebration as we welcome the new year. This year, make a resolution to celebrate what you’ve accomplished, rather than a list of what you have not.

Happy New Year from The Tummy Team.