Never Too Late – Testimony of a 71 Year Old Mom


At The Tummy Team, we see a wide range of clients from young women to older men and everything in between. People often think that our program can only work for pregnant women or young moms, but our physical therapists are qualified to adapt our programs for any age and any lifestyle. Our goal is to give you the tools necessary to find healing for the rest of your life. We are always blessed to hear testimonies like this one. Take a few minutes to read this testimony of one of our clients who shares her experience with us.

“Dear Kelly and The Tummy Team,

I wanted to share how much your work has helped me so you can share it with others.

I was 71 when my Naturopath recommended I see Kelly at the Tummy Team. I had been having trouble with a prolapsed bladder for several years and had been through physical therapy that was more frustrating and discouraging than helpful. I had also developed a hernia at the midline above my navel that had been recently diagnosed.  There didn’t seem to be any good solutions for a hernia.

I had 5 children when I was in my twenties and had lived at that time in women’s Lib when a woman was supposed to be able to lift as much as a man or she was just being a sissy. I’ve been a Massage Therapist for about 20 years and I haven’t done a lot of self-care, yoga or stretching. I was a little dubious about trying the Tummy Team, but my naturopath believed in the work. I am so glad I took her advice.

First of all, Kelly is very enthusiastic about her work and is able to transfer that enthusiasm and encouragement. She has a deep and powerful understanding of body dynamics and anatomy and an ability to translate that knowledge into visuals and metaphors that made using her knowledge easy and instinctive, not at all like being given calisthenics or a gym workout and nowhere near as hard as physical therapy can be.

The concepts she gave me quickly became a natural part of my daily habits. And they work! So there is more incentive to continue using them. Within a few weeks, my hernia was almost gone and when I could feel it growing, I would use her methods and it would disappear again. I am thrilled. No surgery and no living with a rupture in my abdominal wall!

The prolapsed bladder is a long-standing and more complicated issue which I am still working on three months after starting treatment. I have really good days and some discouraging days but gradually the good days outweigh the hard ones and when I remember all the exercises and body mechanics that make it better and practice a few of them, not even all of them, the prolapse decreases. The most amazing part is that it works and works easily and quickly even for someone like me who is not very disciplined. Also, Kelly is learning all the time and incorporating new ideas and new ways of explaining concepts so that they are easy to learn and integrate into daily life.

Kelly is a real treasure. A great combination of intelligence, enthusiasm, encouragement, analysis, and creative ways of explaining and teaching. Very alive and growing, not at all ‘by the book’ but engaged with each new client and learning from them and with them as she teaches and heals.

Thanks, Kelly!  I know a lot of work and passion went into developing this body of knowledge and practice.”

~ A 71-year-old mother of 5

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