What is life changing to you?

Can you make a list of the things you have done that you would describe as “life-changing”? How many things could you honestly say were “life-changing”?

“Life-Changing,” really??life changing

Why do you settle for less than your best life? Why do you believe that having babies means your body might fall apart? Why do you ignore pain, overlook those “accidents’ and sit out on life? What if a relatively small investment of time and money could dramatically change your life? It sounds a bit hard to believe but it is possible that you just don’t know some essential information about how your body is designed to function that could change everything?

Your body is communicating with you. It is asking for help. Maybe you just don’t understand the language so maybe you drowned it out and settled for less. But it does not have to be that way. We can help you understand what your body needs and give you strategies to relieve your pain. Yes, you have tried other things.  Yes, you are discouraged and worn out and scared to hope for things to change. You are not alone. So many of our clients started out just like you, but they took the leap. They trusted The Tummy Team to show them something different and then they shared their stories so you would be encouraged to take that leap too. Here are a couple of Tummy Team clients who have experienced life-changing transformation!

A 42-year-old mom of 4 (4, 5, 6 and 8) who took Core Foundations

I am a mom of 4 young kids and started the program with a diastasis, low back pain, functional core weakness, and intestinal issues. My back bothered me most days. I realized I had a spare tire around my middle that was not going to go away even if I lost weight. It was difficult to find clothes that looked good on me. A neighbor thought I was pregnant. I had chronic constipation. And I just didn’t know what to do about most of these things, so I tended to ignore them!

I was at the point where I was considering surgery but hadn’t done that yet. I had tried exercise, of course–and was probably doing a lot of things that were exacerbating the problem, with my fitness classes. I started seeing progress at week 2 and by week 4 my symptoms had virtually disappeared. I feel so much stronger now. I am more confident in my clothing. I don’t have a bulge in my stomach anymore. I feel like I can exercise again without struggling so much. The biggest impact was that I have really noticed a change in my overall level of energy and wellbeing since starting the program. I feel like I am (finally) coming out of the fog I’ve been in for years. And I am so excited about that!!!

Thank you so much for creating this program! It contained so much information that I needed to know and hadn’t been able to find before. It has really changed my quality of life, permanently. I love how so much of the program focused on integrating core fitness into my daily lifestyle and things I was already doing. I loved the concept of “fitness minutes” and realized that as a mom who is constantly being interrupted by the needs of my kids, sometimes all I have is a minute here or there; but a minute is enough! I am already thinking of other kinds of “minutes” I can squeeze into my day that will help me to reach my goals in other aspects of my life. I plan to share this resource with as many women as I can, and I truly hope that these concepts will find their way into the medical mainstream, so that more women can find the help they need, especially after childbirth!

A 35-year-old mother of 2 (8 and 9)

This homeschooling mom started our Core Foundations program with diastasis recti, functional core weakness, low back pain, and sciatica.

I was in constant pain and had limited mobility and did not feel comfortable in my body at all. I first tried a pelvic floor/women’s health physio and told her about my suspected diastasis. I felt like she brushed it off and focused only on the pelvic floor and gave me exercises that didn’t help at all.

I was very hopeful when I started Core Foundations and I was not disappointed. I noticed improvements in the very first week. I feel more confident and in control of my body. Even though I have a lot of work to do, it feels like I’ve made a good start and I feel more connected to my body. The end of some post-pregnancy body issues felt like a huge weight off my shoulders, especially because my last child was delivered almost 6 years ago and was stillborn. The reduction of the physical symptoms has helped me move forward in my grief. But the biggest impact was no more back pain!! I don’t have a constant worry anymore that my back will give out and I’ll be unable to move for days.

This program has been so great for me. Working at my own pace has been very freeing and the cost is the same as one or two visits to a physio where I live. I felt like Kelly approached healing holistically and didn’t focus at all on “getting in shape” but just on being strong and having a body that functions in the way it’s supposed to. The program was so thorough and the pace was perfect. I loved having the extra weeks to complete it and it’s like Kelly anticipated the challenges every week. Thank you so much for this program, it was life-changing!


This is just a couple of many Tummy Team Client testimonies that would say that functional core rehab is life-changing. You can read more stories from our clients and specialists here. Wonder if Core Foundations is the course for you? Take our Online Program questionnaire to help you here. If you are in the Camas, WA area, you can book an appointment on our clinic site. You can also check out what programs we have to offer on our online programs page. Or you can click on the images below to learn more about our Core Foundations programs.

life changinglife changing
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