Belly Breaths and TA Holds in Active Standing

By Kelly Dean

So, since we breathe all day long, and our breath had the power to build our functional core strength, we need to use every opportunity we can to build strength. So let's look at adding the belly breaths into your active standing practice. The most important thing is to not clench your butt. The trick is to move your legs a little. If you give your legs a job to do then they will not simply tense up and derail your core work. Start with standing tall and then add some intentional belly breaths remembering to visualize the "zipper" and focus on the exhale more than the inhale. Just do the breaths without the TA holds at first. Once you feel connected here, then start with just 5-10 second holds (while you shift your weight or wiggle your legs). It may seem in theory to be too simple but honestly the simple things are more effective.