Be Inspired

By Kelly Dean

Simply stop comparing yourself to others. Instead, look for opportunities for the success of others to INSPIRE YOU! Life is too short to long to be someone or something you are not. The goals I set are to help me be the best version of ME not to compete with someone else. This is not easy. It can be so tempting to feel less than when someone else is doing something you seriously long to do. But that seems to be a recipe for discontent and misery.Instead, BE INSPIRED. Look for and celebrate the victories in others. Allow yourself to be impressed and encouraged and wowed by them. Celebrate their achievements like they are your best friend and truly allow yourself to marvel at talent, dedication and perseverance. For me, this mindset takes the pressure off of me and my crazy old school competitive nature. I have so much more fun. It keeps life in perspective. I want to be on a team of encouragers and celebrators not in a pressure cooker of stress.