Show Up

By Kelly Dean

Often half the battle is just putting my suit on and getting out the door. Signing up for the meet or event. Joining the team. The hard part is simply showing up! Someone asked me if I win any events at Nationals. My answer was “no” but I shoot for the top 10 in my age group. Top 10 at the US. Nationals sounds pretty impressive but honestly there are thousands of women across the country in my 50-54 year old age group that are faster than me. They just don’t sign up to race. I place in the top 10 because I show up. Yes, I work hard. Yes, I have some natural talent. Yes, I train all year. But if I don’t show up, nothing happens. You have to stop making excuses. You have to not let fear control you. You have to not care what other people are doing or thinking. You just have to show up. Consistently show up.