Hula Release

By Kelly Dean

The most common place to compensate for functional core weakness is in the muscles that connect to the pelvis. Our pelvis needs to be stable and aligned for us to walk, stand, run, squat and basically move upright. When our transverse abdominis (the corset muscle that helps stabilize the pelvis) is weak or inactive, then the muscles of our hips work overtime. Tight hamstrings, inner thighs, outer thighs, gluts, hip flexors and more can cause strain and pain in our low back and hips. It is important to release these tight muscles gently WHILE replacing the functional strength that was missing in the first place. As simple as this first release may look, it can be dramatically impactful. Take a look at what we mean by Hula/ Pelvic Circles and try it out. Remember RELEASE, REPLACE, RESET!