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Professional Events

The Tummy Team is passionate about education.
Our staff have been featured speakers at medical
schools, professional conferences, hospitals, birth
centers, fitness facilities, and community centers. 

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Kelly Dean, MPT

Kelly Dean is a physical therapist, educator and owner of The Tummy Team. After pursuing her own healing and seeing the connection between the physical, emotional and spiritual, Kelly developed The Tummy Team to guide women through their own journeys.

Kelly is a passionate and entertaining speaker that uses God’s truth about His perfect design for us to minister to women in all seasons of life. As a sought after speaker in both the medical and Christian communities, she has been featured at medical schools, churches and conferences around the country.

Ms. Dean is an exceptionally trained and knowledgeable educator. I learned a great deal about the anatomy of the abdominal muscles in a way that previously I neither considered nor adequately understood. It has helped me personally, but most importantly, it has helped my medical practice. - Kelley Reis, The Natural Medicine Center

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Women’s Groups

Through sharing her personal story of loss and renewal, Kelly empowers women to live as God intended – living in freedom, strength and confidence. She educates on the true design of the core and how to heal and reclaim themselves to live life freely. 

Retreats and Training Weekends

The Tummy Team offers several training weekends a year. Each event is customized to the needs of the hosting city. Included in this package is: one on one treatment sessions with Kelly, professional training and a public event to share “The Truth About Your Core.”

Professional Gatherings

Interested in having Kelly educate on core rehabilitation in a professional environment? We can tailor it to your needs.

For more information, or to reserve The Tummy Team for a lecture or training weekend in your community, contact our office at 360-952-CORE or email us at info@thetummyteam.com