Your Weekly Lesson

The Tummy Team Toddler Course

The Tummy Team Toddler’s course is comprised of eleven videos including education, instruction in specific strategies and tools and an ongoing plan.  You can watch all the videos at once or a few at a time.  Be sure to print off the downloads so you can take notes as you go.
    There is a lot of education in these videos.  Don’t be overwhelmed.  Take the time you need to watch or rewatch the education videos over the next few weeks. The strategy and tools we instruct you in need to be practiced and sometimes adjusted for the age and personality of your child.  Take your time, be patient with yourself and your child and don’t be scared to try several times if something does not work the first time.  Remember, the goal is to understand what your child’s body needs and create opportunities for them to access the right muscles most effectively.  Take a moment to download/print the handouts in the downloads section prior to watching the videos.  You will likely want to take notes and it is nice to see what we have already provided for you.  You can do this!