Your Weekly Lesson

Prenatal Core Training, Week 6: Postpartum Recovery

Welcome to the sixth and final week of your Prenatal Core Training course. Congratulations for investing in yourself for a full six weeks to prepare your body for motherhood. We know it is challenging, but we also know how important this work is for your ongoing, lifelong health. Our goal is to affect not only how you feel now, but also how you will feel years from now! We hope you have created a strong core and pelvic floor, and now feel prepared for labor and delivery. We have just a few more videos to prepare you for restoring your core after delivery.

    Postpartum Recovery

    You have now received all our prenatal core training. It’s time to finish with our postpartum recovery plan. If you have not yet used or purchased an abdominal splint, we highly recommend that you purchase one now. We also recommend you be sure to watch the “Initial Fitness Choices” video. This information will help you understand the progression back into fitness after baby arrives.

    This week in the Cesarean Births video, Kelly mentions that there are a few resources she’d like to share with you regarding Cesarean preparation. Click on each resource to learn more…