Your Weekly Lesson

Prenatal Core Training, Week 5: Core-Strong Birth Plan

At this point, your core is much stronger and you are much more aware of your pelvic floor. Practice pushing takes time and practice, so do not be discouraged. Week by week the movements will become more automatic. This week we will add some alternate pushing positions for you to start experimenting with as well. Being prepared and connected to your core and pelvic floor in various postures will help you feel more confident heading into your birth. Continue to integrate your core strength into your posture and daily activities. The transverse exercises (holds and squeeze and releases) and engaging the transverse on the effort of all the lifting you do will continue to build strength. With more time and incorporation, you likely do not need to do as many isolating exercises, so do not worry about making every set. The focus now is the coordination of the core activation with the pelvic floor and preparing for labor and delivery.

    Core-Strong Birth Plan

    This week, as you continue your core and pelvic floor work, we will start planning for labor and delivery and setting up your environment for baby. We also include a few review videos to give you another look at splinting and practice pushing. Our hope is that you feel physically prepared for labor, and that your body recovers quickly after delivery to help you be the mother you want to be.

    What To Expect This Week:

    • Excitement for delivery and your baby’s arrival
    • More endurance and improved sitting and standing posture
    • New awareness of your pelvic floor and more coordination for exhale pushing
    • Some Braxton Hicks contractions as approach delivery