Your Weekly Lesson

Prenatal Core Training, Week 4: Pelvic Floor Connection

Congratulations! You are over halfway through your six-week program! You are probably feeling dramatically different and more hopeful about your upcoming labor and delivery. Keep in mind that everybody responds differently so do not underestimate any of the changes you are experiencing. You may have seen a dramatic improvement in your back pain, or posture, or noticed subtle changes in your strength and body awareness. Remember, your body was designed to be balanced and aligned so everything works effectively. Be encouraged — your hard work is paying off!

    Pelvic Floor

    Everything you have done to improve your alignment, core strength and neutral pelvis has prepared your pelvic floor for the work we are about to do. Coordination of the transverse and the pelvic floor is essential to your delivery and recovery. Just as your core was, your pelvic floor is likely weak and disconnected, and you may be compensating with other muscles. This week we will give you a lot of education on how your pelvic floor works and how to best prepare it for delivery. We will also introduce practice pushing with the goal of muscle memory when pushing comes along.

    What To Expect This Week:

    • Gradual change in your sitting and standing posture and endurance
    • Fatigue in your postural muscles
    • Improved energy level
    • New awareness of hip and butt muscles as you increase your squatting
    • Feeling overwhelmed – Do not fall into the trap of feeling you have to change everything or do everything differently. Pick a few key things to focus on, and do your best to be consistent with them.
    • Increased awareness of your pelvic floor and neutral pelvic alignment