Your Weekly Lesson

Prenatal Core Education

Welcome to your Prenatal Core Education course! We are passionate about education and firmly believe your rehabilitation is dependent on your knowledge, awareness, and understanding of how your body was designed to function. In this course, you will receive a ton of new information, along with familiar information presented in an all-new way. Some of this education may even be contrary to what you’ve heard. Rest assured, our program is based on research and functional anatomy and has helped thousands of people rebuild their cores. Be open-minded, be consistent, and be amazed at how much stronger you feel! We have created this program very intentionally. We release new information one week at a time so you can be as successful as possible. Invest your time in the process, and you will not be disappointed!

    Before & After Journal

    We encourage you to take a picture today and keep a journal throughout the program. Write down your feelings about your core, and describe any pain or symptoms. Also document any concerns or questions about your upcoming procedure. Write at least once a week or any time you notice anything significant. You’ll be encouraged as you see your progress unfold.

    Always Listen to Your BodyOur program should never cause sharp pains, shortness of breath, or overheating. If you feel this way at any time, stop what you are doing, drink some water, and rest. If you do not feel better, contact your prenatal health care provider.