Your Weekly Lesson

Lifting Kids

There is so much lifting involved in parenting. Lifting to the highchair, lifting in and out of car seats, lifting in and out of strollers, on and off bikes, carrying sleeping kids to bed and wrangling a temper tantrum toddler out of store to the car, to name a few. You might not have as much time to get to the gym as you would like but you have A LOT of opportunities to lift! So lets make this work to your advantage. You can use motherhood as your workout, let us show you how.

Exhale and engage as you lift. Your core works every time you lift anything heavy. You can choose to bulge, tense and brace, or exhale, elongate and engage. The second option reinforces your functional core strength, encourages your diastasis to heal, supports your pelvic floor and builds postural strength.