Your Weekly Lesson

Sitting Strategies

Most of us sit a lot. If you work at a computer or drive for any part of your day you are sitting more than you think. How you sit makes a difference, specifically with your pelvic alignment and your functional core strength. Having the right awareness and some helpful strategies can improve optimal fetal alignment throughout your pregnancy. When you know better, you can do better. Let us help you improve your sitting posture.

Adjust your chairs. Don’t rely on your memory or will power to adjust how you sit. Identify the 3 areas you sit the most. For most people this is the car, the computer and the couch. Then set up those places to help you be on your sit bones, at the back of the chair, with good lumbar support and full back support. Ideally, set up as many places that will automatically put you in neutral pelvis/ neutral rib cage with lumbar support.