Your Weekly Lesson

Activating the Transverse

Now that you know where your transverse is and the important role it plays throughout your pregnancy, we need to know how to wake it up and keep in active and strong. This is different than you might think. It is not about exercises in the gym. It starts with how you breathe! This lesson dives into some great tools to activate your transverse to help support optimal fetal alignment. Let's check it out.

Belly Breaths. Yes, how you breathe is really that important. Set aside a few times a day to set yourself up with supported posture, place your hands on your tummy and close your eyes so you can really focus on your breath. The key is in the exhale. Slow it down with the shhhh and visualize the zipper zipping up your tummy from the pubic bone to the sternum. Up and in is the goal. Practice this connection throughout the day every day.