Your Weekly Lesson

Day 27

This lesson gives you a great standing lower body workout while focusing on your upright alignment and coordinating your breath and transverse with each lift of your leg. You will likely need a little space to do this but I often do it right in front of my bathroom sink or in the kitchen while I am waiting for the water to boil etc. Keep in mind, you can slow it down and take little breaks if you are just starting out. Join me for 3 minutes of lower body fitness minutes.

Add some squats. You don’t have to isolate these fitness moves to fitness minutes. Every time you need to get something off the ground or off a low shelf, use your squat. Every time you get in and out of chair, couch or bench, think of hinging, setting your hips back and controlling your sit or stand as if it were a squat in the gym. Intentional movements help you stay connected to your body in a very important way.