Your Weekly Lesson

Day 24

Rehab Tapping is a research proven strategy that uses gentle, rhythmic tapping on the while verbally and mentally processing your emotions. It calms your nervous system and allows you to stay grounded and present while feeling and acknowledging deep feelings. One survival strategy we have to deal with trauma is to disconnect, disassociate or check out from our body physically. When we are no longer experiencing trauma, we use this strategy to avoid feeling difficult emotions. ** Rehab tapping helps to keep present in the feeling and reset our physical response so we do not go numb or use guarding to endure the feelings. This is a really powerful way to reclaim your healing and move physically through the trauma you may be holding in your body.

Take a moment to try this tapping technique while connecting to something you are current dealing with. Connect to your breath. Close your eyes. Slow down. Feel and stay in the moment.