Your Weekly Lesson

Day 1

Start with active sitting and full back support. Place your hands on your tummy and relax your arms and shoulders. Keep you eyes facing forward not looking down. Slowly expand your lungs as you take in a nice full breath and allow your tummy to gently expand. Then stay tall and elongated as you exhale and "zip up" your tummy. The exhale is going to be slower than the inhale but not dramatically slow. We like to visualize a zipper starting at your pubic bone and slowly zipping your core up to your rib cage. This is not "sucking" in but drawing up and in and connecting to the corset muscle that wraps around your torso. This intentional exhale takes some practice. It is easy to try too hard and pull your shoulders up or to overinflate your tummy. Start slow, close your eyes and spend some time feeling the core move with your breath.

Build belly breaths into your routine. Practice is key to effective connection to the core. It is very easy to overthink this. Look at your daily routine and carve out 3-5 times a day where you can spend 1-2 minutes working on this connection. Maybe on your commute, or while you are waiting in the carpool lane at school. Maybe before you eat your meals or when you are sitting at your desk waiting for your meeting to start. It gets easier but at first you need to really slow down and connect to get it right.