Your Weekly Lesson

Urge Incontinence

Another common form of leakage occurs when you feel like you cannot get to the bathroom in time. This form is called urge incontinence as you have an inadequate response to the urge to go. This type of leakage has a sensory component more than just a physical component. We treat it differently. This lesson helps you understand more.

Make a plan. Often we have trained ourselves unintentionally to release urine too soon. We can retrain this but you need to have a plan. For example, if you have an overwhelming urge to use the bathroom every time you get home. Create a plan where you start doing some belly breaths and transverse holds in the car on the way home. Then intentionally think about something specific that is unrelated to using the bathroom, like doing multiplication tables. Then calmly walk to the bathroom. Calming your nervous system and decrease bladder spasms and retrain your muscles to hold until you are ready to release.