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Floor Of Your Core Add-On Week 5: Challenging the Pelvic floor and Addressing Pelvic Pain

This week we start being intentional about how you can exercise and keep your pelvic floor strong and continue to get stronger.  Many pelvic floor injuries come from poor fitness choices and some of you may be scared to move to the next level.  We have a plan for you, at every level, whether you love fitness or hate it.  You body is ready for some level of multitasking and multidirectional connection. There are several new videos talking about fitness options, do not feel like you need to do everything all at once. We want you to implement these in different ways daily over the next few weeks of your access. Experiment and take notes on what feels good and what your body is not quite ready for. Keep in mind you are still in the rehab process and will be continuing to build some of the previous strategies into you daily routine but we no longer give you a chart for this.  We want you to be looking for organic ways to work your posture, TA holds, PF connection, stretches and massage into you routine and be less focused on checking things off a list.  Some people choose to use the chart from week 4 as a guideline but we want this to progress into a lifestyle more and more as you move forward.

    Challenging the Pelvic Floor and Addressing Pelvic Pain

    This week we continue to work on connection to the pelvic floor and progress functional strength with multi-tasking and fitness minutes.  Fitness minutes will be familiar from our Core Foundations process but we are now asking you to be more intentional with your pelvic floor connection as you integrate this into your daily movement routine.  A few minutes of meaningful movement will be incredibly beneficial to take you to the next level.

    We also will focus on self awareness and self treatment of pelvic pain. As we start using muscles in a new way, there can be tension, fatigue and compensation patterns that present.  We have actually been giving you ways to address this throughout the course but this week we pull all that information together and add a few additional self care strategies.

    Our ultimate focus is always on functional strength more than fitness goals but we can use fitness to introduce a variety of movement patterns that will build back into your functional strength.  It all works together. We excited for you to feel the new ways your body is able to connect to your pelvic floor this week.

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