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Floor Of Your Core Add-On Week 4: Squatting & Intimacy Strategies

This is a pretty intense week for most clients.  We dive into the intimacy content and introduce some strategies of self vaginal massage that can be daunting at first.  This is important stuff and we want you to have a whole and healthy intimate life.  Realize that you are not alone in this and we have a step by step process to help improve your symptoms. Take a moment to consider all that you have already learned about your body and your pelvic floor so far.   You undoubtedly have more functional strength and have dramatically healed already as you have been rebuilding your core and pelvic floor. This is the next step. This week we introduce some squatting strategies and intimate pelvic floor techniques are a bit more difficult to “fit into your daily routine” so you are going to need to be intentional about setting aside some time for the squatting work and the vaginal connection clock.  We give you guidelines to help you but this is the time that you will need to invest some quiet intentional time to your healing.  Remember why you started this journey.  Don’t give up.

    Squatting and Intimacy Strategies.

    Strength and flexibility around your pelvis is important for overall pelvic floor functional health and squatting is a great way to work on this balance.  We offer some step by step strategies this week that can be very impactful on the next stage of your healing.  Pause the videos and set yourself up to work along side us to really experience what we are sharing with you this week.

    Often clients are either eager or terrified to address the intimacy issues that  have been affected by pelvic floor dysfunction.  We will walk you through a lot of content this week that we fill will lead you to a place of healing and restoration.  We encourage you to trust the process. We have worked with thousands of clients in the clinic and even more on line and this is effective when you carve out some time to work on it.

    What to Expect This Week:

    • Unexpected emotions related to intimacy content
    • Feelings of being stronger, taller, more confident, and more energetic
    • Increased awareness and connection with pelvic floor massage
    • Decreased back pain, pelvic floor issues, and intestinal problems
    • Increased understanding of squatting benefits
    • New awareness of restrictions in pelvis from squatting stretches.
    • Ongoing use of posture checks and alignment awareness, especially as you begin new exercises

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