Your Weekly Lesson

Floor Of Your Core Add-On Week 3: Functional Integration/Prolapse Strategies

You experienced some new content in weeks 1 and 2  and some review.  Pelvic floor work requires a lot of emotional and mental energy, as well as physical engagement to be successful so be patient with yourself. This week we are going to build on the physical components that you have begun and add some standing functional integration and specific education related to prolapse symptoms and strategies.  We find most clients need a review of the neutral rib cage work this week as well to remember how overall posture and alignment has an impact throughout the body. Our ultimate goal is to create a solid muscle memory (less deliberate thought) and more functional integration. Your pelvic floor rehab will add new content that requires a lot of new concentration while building on previous strategies that will start to feel more automatic. We hope that core strength and neutral pelvis should be pretty  familiar now and you are starting to feel connected to your pelvic floor in active sitting and standing postures. We recognize that functional strength is still developing but the foundation is being solidified with every connection you make.

    Functional Integrations-Prolapse Strategies

    For the past weeks, you have been systematically rebuilding your core and transforming your overall posture and alignment and now connecting to your pelvic floor in sitting and standing. This week we will continue on all of what you have built but also integrate standing connection with weight shifts and stepping and ultimately walking.

    We provide more information on prolapse this week and discuss the contributing factors and how to systematically help your body heal.  Intestinal function and how you handle stress and straining are a big part of this.  Developing connected and healthy strategies in these areas will go a long way to helping your prolapse symptoms heal and preventing prolapse in your future.

    Consistency is the most important factor in your long-term success. But consistency does not mean doing everything we recommend; it means being as consistent as you can be. Clients often begin to feel frustrated at this stage if they are not doing every set, every rep and every exercise we recommend. Be kind to yourself, take notes and try to keep focused on the big picture. Do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed. Take one day at a time, one change at a time. It is a journey, but only you can determine your level of success. We have created a very effective program, but only you can do the work. Do not underestimate yourself. Do not underestimate the impact of consistency. You can do it — and you are totally worth it.

    What to Expect This Week:

    • Unexpected emotions related to the prolapse information
    • More automatic posture and alignment
    • Ability to feel your core and a lightness in your pelvic floor throughout the day, awareness of times that it is active, and recognition of positions/activities where it is difficult to engage
    • Core fatigue and soreness from increased integration. Remember to use posture checks and stretches to relieve soreness. Do not ignore pain.
    • More connection to pelvic floor alignment and activation during functional activities
    • Fewer pelvic floor weakness symptoms
    • The ability to walk with active core and increased automatic activation of the core in daily posture and alignment
    • A new awareness of your pelvic floor as you continue the gentle massage techniques
    • improved bloating, constipation, digestion and bowel movements with the addition of the digestion facilitation massages.