Your Weekly Lesson

Floor Of Your Core Add-On Week 2: Pelvic Floor Connection/Incontinence Strategies

Hopefully, you are noticing some initial improved connection to your pelvic floor and awareness of how your core and active neutral alignment impact your ability to feel your pelvic floor activate. At the same time, you are likely anxious to start working more specifically on your pelvic floor muscles. Remember, your body was designed to be balanced and aligned so everything works effectively. Do not rush through each step but be intentional about slowing down and connecting throughout the journey. Try not to allow yourself to get overwhelmed. This work is emotional and requires a new level of awareness than you may have had before. We are all in the trenches of life, some with little ones, others with jobs, and all with responsibilities pulling us in every direction. Take one day at a time, and do what you can as frequently as you can. Know that every change you make is an investment in your overall health; it will pay off. Your awareness and consistency (even in the little things) will move you in the healing direction.

    Pelvic Floor Connection- Incontinence Strategies

    This week will focus on understanding the muscles of your pelvic floor and will spend some time isolating those muscles. These are structural and postural muscles that will be used throughout the day but often we know little about the anatomy of our pelvic floor and we are disconnected from that part of our body.  We give you more education and some specific connection work this week in addition to the pelvic floor work we introduced in Core Foundations.

    Many of you struggle with some muscle imbalance and incontinence symptoms. As we continue to build connection and functional support in the pelvic floor we want you to understand how your body is communicating to you through some of your pelvic floor signs and symptoms. We give you some strategies to appropriately respond as well.  You can do this! One step at a time!

    What to Expect This Week: 

    • Continual improvement in your sitting and standing posture and endurance
    • An improved overall energy level
    • Some frustration as you try to feel and connect with the deep muscles of your lower abdominals and pelvic floor.
    • Emotional surprises – Sometimes we store emotional pain in these areas of our bodies, and as we start “waking” them up, we uncover emotions we did not expect. Don’t let it derail you. Journal, talk with a friend and feel what you need to feel so you can acknowledge these as needed so you can move forward.
    • Feeling overwhelmed – Do not fall into the trap of feeling you have to change everything or do everything differently. Pick a few key things to focus on, and do your best to be consistent with them. This is a journey.
    • Reluctance to do the abdominal massage or the pelvic floor connection work. This is an important piece to help with blood flow and nerve reconnection. You can do it.
    • More awareness of how your symptoms are communicating to you.
    • Improved intestinal tract function