Your Weekly Lesson

Floor Of Your Core Add-On Week 1: Core Connection and Pelvic Floor Awareness

The first goal in pelvic floor rehabilitation is to increase the functional activation of your core and to identify and implement neutral pelvic alignment in sitting, standing and walking. The good news is that you have likely already met this goal in Core Foundations. After 8 weeks of activating and engaging your internal core muscles, you should have much more awareness of these muscles. You are also more aware of how you move, sit, stand and function. This awareness is key to progress. Our next step is increasing your awareness of your pelvic floor muscles and how they play an essential role in the health of your entire body. Please be sure you have watched your intro videos. There is a lot of information to process and we want you to understand why you are doing what we instruct — not just how to do it.

    Core Connection & Pelvic Floor Awareness

    Just like in Core Foundations, strength building begins with a connection to the muscles you are trying to rebuild. The core and neutral pelvis connection are crucial for pelvic floor restoration so don’t underestimate the work you have done so far. This week, we are going to review the neutral pelvis and standing TA holds while we continue to develop your awareness and foster that deep connection. Remember, we prepare a muscle by doing small, effective bursts of activity multiple times every day.

    Throughout this week, you will continue with your transverse rehab and functional integration from Core Foundations including reviewing the difference between engaging and bracing and evaluating your bathroom habits. You will then get some new information about the bones of your pelvis and how to redirect your focus to the pelvic floor muscles during your Transverse Holds.

    What to Expect This Week:

    • Ongoing awareness of your transverse
    • Initial connection with your pelvic floor and pelvic alignment in sitting and transitioning to standing
    • New emotions related to awareness of pelvic floor trauma/history
    • A new awareness of when you may be bracing or bearing down that you were previously unaware of
    • Mild increase in gas and soft stools or diarrhea as your intestinal tract function starts to improve