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Floor Of Your Core Add-On: Self Assessment and Introduction

Welcome! This course is designed for those who are looking to be more connected with their pelvic floor after they have completed The Tummy Team’s Core Foundations course. This course will build on to what you have learned, and focus on common but treatable pelvic floor dysfunctions. As you already know, we are passionate about education and firmly believe your rehabilitation is dependent on your knowledge, awareness, and understanding of how your body was designed to function. In this course, you will receive a ton of new information, along with familiar information presented in an all-new way. Some of this education may even be contrary to what you’ve heard. Rest assured, our program is based on research and functional anatomy and has helped thousands of people rebuild their core and pelvic floor. Be open-minded, be consistent, and be amazed at how much stronger you feel!

    What to Expect

    This first week you have access to both your Intro videos and your Week 1 videos. Please take the time to watch the intro videos first as these videos contain important background information that set the stage for your entire pelvic floor rehab journey. Much like other programs you have experienced with us, each week there will be a “Focus of the Week.” Please read this before you begin the instructional videos. We recommend downloading your handouts to use while you watch your videos. These handouts are intended to help you progress through each week and not need to rewatch the videos as you go.

    Video Review

    We have intentionally placed a little review in the Week 1 videos from Core Foundations. Please re-watch these with a renewed focus on how this could be affecting your pelvic floor health.  Poor bathroom habits and bracing your core are two very common lingering issues that inhibit healing.

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