Your Weekly Lesson

Lighter Not Tighter- Understanding Pelvic Floor Tension

Functional core weakness and the misuse of "kegel-like" exercises are two reasons that we see hypertonic (or really tight) muscles in the pelvic floor. Tight muscles are typically weak muscles that are desperate. Tightness in these muscles can cause pain and contribute to dysfunction because they keep the pelvic floor from functioning as it should. Learning how to let go of that tension while staying stable and strong can be challenging. We like to teach this disassociation between the core and pelvic floor during bathroom trips to help clients grasp this concept. See if this helps you.

Blow as you go. This is a concept we use with clients struggling with constipation, pelvic floor tension and for expecting moms preparing for childbirth. Be intentional in the bathroom and see if you can start to master this disassociation.