Your Weekly Lesson

Functional Pelvic Floor, Week 8

You made it! Congratulations on investing in this course for a full eight weeks. We know it is challenging to prioritize this training, but we also know how important this work is for your professional growth. Our goal is to affect not only how your clients feel now, but also how they will feel years from now!  We hope you have embraced the strong and connected lifestyle and learned several strategies for addressing pelvic floor dysfunction, pain and weakness for your pelvic floor clients. You have the tools you need to encourage continued healing and to prevent further pelvic floor trauma. You have the functional foundation to help them gradually return to many of the activities they have enjoyed in the past, pain-free, connected and strong. And you know what to help them avoid and eliminate from their life that had been contributing to their pelvic floor dysfunction. We have one last collection of videos for you to view and some final words to help you to progress long after this program is finished. Thank you so much for taking this journey with us and for allowing us to help you grow and learn how to restore the floor of the core.

    Fitness/Lifestyle Transition

    In your final week of this program, it is important for you to reassess and for the client to do another self-evaluation of their symptoms.  Take some time to really look at the progress they have made and the ongoing issues that they may still be working on. This information will give you direction in the next step.

    We spend this week teaching what advanced pelvic floor challenging fitness looks like and give you an opportunity to try some sample videos from our fitness partners at  Do not push clients too far but use these videos to help you see how they can incorporate the pelvic floor into all types of fitness.

    Although our focus is on function more than fitness, we recognize the important role fitness can play in life. Our recommendation is to begin with the fitness minutes we offer and then consider online fitness workouts. has over 200 exercise videos that are all Tummy-Safe™ — free of crunches and other exercises that damaging one’s core and alignment. We encourage you to try some Fit2B sample workouts included here as we feel it is the perfect way to challenge your core without undoing the strength you have already built.

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    A personal, one-on-one session with Kelly can be the powerful tool you need to keep your progress going. Whether you have specific questions, are in a rut or are looking for ways to improve even faster, these sessions will give you the personal touch that will help.
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