Your Weekly Lesson

Functional Pelvic Floor, Week 7

Welcome to week 7!  At this stage of the program, we expect you have learned some amazing things about the body and the pelvic floor.  You undoubtedly have more functional strength understanding and tools and have seen healing as we have begun rebuilding the core and pelvic floor. You will continue to see clients build even more strength and reach even greater healing as you help them incorporate this new connection and strength into their everyday lifestyle and start challenging it with multi-tasking integration and fitness. This week we introduce a safe transition to fitness and more challenging functional activity to create some additional challenges to the developing pelvic floor strength and connection.  We also give you tools to address pelvic pain and discomfort so that the body can continue to move forward. Keep in mind, every client has a unique experience. They may still have rehab to do. Some may need more time to completely heal.  Some may need to watch these videos for now but not participate in all of the activities yet depending on how their body is healing. Most of our clients have been living with pelvic floor dysfunction for months or years and so it can take more than a few weeks to reverse those all of those issues.  Our hope is to give you the tools to help your clients reach thier goals — even if their timeline is different than someone else’s. Don’t give up! Time and consistency do pay off.

    Challenging the Pelvic Floor/Addressing Pelvic Pain

    Up to this point, we have focused on the rehab and lifestyle portions of the floor of your core strength and connection. We have given you some initial fitness options, but little instruction, as most clients have simply not had the consistent functional strength to be able to challenge the body with fitness. We believe many of your clients are ready now.

    This week we are going to start to challenge the core and pelvic floor with the introduction of FITNESS MINUTES.  We have specific return-to-fitness guidelines to help you choose safe and effective exercise that will progress your strength and confidence without causing new issues.  We encourage all of our clients to begin with low impact exercise and familiar fitness minutes first and get that coordination prior to challenging yourself with higher impact activities and exercise.  We do include the progression to higher impact exercise in this week, knowing that most of you are not ready for this.  We do this to give you hope and direction so you don’t skip steps and have setbacks but understand your future journey to a complete return to the activities you love.

    We also include information about pelvic pain and some really effective self care strategies. As we start to move in new ways, sometimes our body has new soreness or triggers old compensation patterns.  We spend time this week reminding you of the tools you have now and giving you a few more to add to your tool box to take the best care of your body and respond to pain quickly and effectively.

    Not all of our clients exercise regularly or feel comfortable with fitness.  Some may have been avoiding fitness because of leakage, prolapse or pain symptoms.  We want to encourage you that the introduction of fitness in this section is completely doable for everyone at any level.  If you are nervous, simply watch the videos first and get a feeling for what is being shared then watch them again and simply choose the exercises that feel most comfortable for you to try.  For other clients, this introduction to exercise may seem oversimplified. Many are used to pushing your body hard in high impact or high intensity sports or activities.  Again, we encourage you to rethink what fitness looks like and give the body that opportunity to connect to your pelvic floor and core in a new and simple yet effective way.  You may be surprised how less can actually be more when you are doing the right things for the right reasons.